2024 4th International Conference on Electronic Information Engineering and Computer Technology
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

· Electronic information engineering

■ Signal Processing

■ Wireless Networks and Information Systems

■ Sixth Generation Mobile Communication Technology (6G)

■ Sensors and Internet of Things

■ Mobile Computing and Edge Computing

■ GPS and Wireless Positioning

■ Physical Electronics

■ Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

■ Micro and Nano Electronics

■ Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology

■ Circuits and Systems

■ Air-space integrated communication network technology

■ Microwave/mm-wave system theory and technology

■ Integrated Stereo Imaging and Machine Vision Technology

■ Optical Signal and Information Processing

■ Statistical Learning and Pattern Recognition

■ Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks

· Computer Engineering and Technology

■ Numerical Analysis

■ Operating Systems

■ Programming examples

■ Quantum computing theory

■ Logic Programming

■ Machine Learning

■ Software Engineering

■ Software Testing

■ Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

■ Advanced Adaptive Signal Processing

■ Spectrum estimation and modeling

■ Array Signal Processing

■ Speech Synthesis and Recognition

■ Image Processing and Understanding

■ PDE for image processing

■ Computer Vision and Virtual Reality

■ Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction